Tambour Door & Track System For Custom Appliance Garages

Tambour Door, Version C Tambour Door | Online At HÄfele Overview. These tambour doors are characterised by a high quality and rigidity in combination with a particularly careful selection of finishes. Sliding, Folding & Tambour Door Fittings | Online At HÄfele Sliding, Folding & Tambour Door Fittings, Moveable Wall Systems, Sliding & Folding Door Fittings for Furniture, Tambour Fittings for Furniture.

Tambourline | Space Saving Solutions | Tambour Doors Uk Bespoke Tambour Doors. All tambours and tracks are made to your own specifications. Tambour Door - Lehmann (en) Tambour door. The opening direction of tambour doors can be horizontal or vertical; crucial is that they can be locked. Tambour door cabinets can be locked with cylinder locks, combination and electronic locks.

Tambour Door Systems - Rehau 4 1 FreeDom in cabineT DeSign Are your furniture and display designs keeping pace with the most contemporary trends in the market? Discover how REHAU tambour. K40® Tambour Doors: Realize Your Own Room And Use Concepts. A clean design idiom, attractive design and particularly useful in case of limited space conditions: sliding-and tambour doors of the system K40® convince by function and aesthetics.

Tambour Door Cabinet By Ahrend | Tambour Doors Ahrend tambour door cabinets are an extremely high quality storage range. Their quality, meticulous finish and flexible layout possibilities mean that Ahrend tambour door cabinets are among the best on the market. Side Opening Tambour Doors - Space Saving Solutions Product Details. Horizontal (side) opening tambours using 20mm slat with a maximum height of 1 metre. For bathroom doors, we offer a more robust 30mm slat for full-sized doors of up to 2 metres.

Tambour Doors

Posted on November 23, 2017
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