How To Go For A Garage Door Makeover

How To Go For A Garage Door Makeover?

A garage door is of immense value in ensuring security of a garage and comes with some advanced technological features which allow for the automatic opening and closing of the door. If you have an old, pesky garage door, here is how you can go for a makeover of the same and completely transform its look:

  • I. First of all, you need to join all the panels together and mark the layout with the help of a chalk pencil. With this, you can draw the edges of the rails.
  • II. Next, place all the panels on the floor in a proper order and in such a way that the edge grooves overlap on each other.
  • III. Now, implement the plan that you have chalked out on the real door.
  • IV. After this, the panels have to be placed properly and the layout you have drawn for these panels should be implemented.
  • V. For placing the bottom rail correctly, you should first use a small quantity of an adhesive and then a blob of silicone caulk to ensure security of the rail. You should install the bottom rail only after you have installed the edge, center and intermediate stiles in the proper place.
  • VI. The beauty of the door lies in its arch. So, the thing to focus upon is placing the arch (cut using a jigsaw) upon the rails. This can be done with the help of adhesive and silicone caulk, just like you did for installing the rails.
  • VII. The next step is to measure the tongue-and-groove slats for the first panel and make some slats of the same length for the panel.
  • VIII. Finally, it is the time to create the test panel using the pieces and then make the other panels in the same way. Paint the door after applying two layers of primer to give it an enhanced look!