Materials Used in a Garage Door

Materials Used in a Garage Door

When you are thinking of replacing your garage door, you must also consider whether you should replace the material and try out a different one. You might want to coordinate your garage door based on the interior and exterior of your house.

The kinds of materials that you can consider are described as follows:

• Wood: Garage doors made from wood are the most costly of the lot. It is the most genuine material that any customer would like to choose. But keep in mind that in order to fulfill the aesthetics values you need to dig a large hole in your pocket. They need refinishing after regular intervals of time.

These doors made from wood and wood composite give a lot of customization options where you can select the design and the way you want your door to be carved. Wood composites have a lower price tag and the material weigh a lot less than wood. If your garage door has a double sized one, wood would be the go-to material for you.

• Steel: Steel doors are made from two layers of galvanized steel. They have lower maintenance costs than wood. But these being prone to dents and rust, many users not go for them.

• Aluminum: The new models of aluminum doors that have been launched in the market are dent free. This material being lightweight is a preferred choice with many. The ones with huge duty frames come with a steep price tag but it would be recommended to choose those to last a lifetime.

• Fiberglass: Fiberglass may imitate other materials. You can consider keeping the warmth of wood or customize them according to your choice. But this material may not last for a long time.

• Vinyl: They are similar in construction to fiberglass but are more durable. But you won’t get customization options with this material.